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Yio Chu Kang Sec schoolgirls help auntie struggling with elderly man on wheelchair and her bags

Two Yio Chu Kang Secondary School students were spotted helping an auntie who was not only struggling with a handful of bags but also with pushing her companion who was in a wheelchair.
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Thank you! SCDF heroes rescue Stomper's uncle trapped in lift at Mandai Crematorium

Stomper Leonard has written in to Stomp to express his gratitude towards a group of Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel who rescued his uncle who was stuck in a lift at Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium.
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Woman looking for 3 'angels' who responded to her dad's call for help after he felt breathless while

A man who felt breathless while driving was safely conveyed to Changi General Hospital, thanks to three Good Samaritans who stopped and helped to call the ambulance.
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Cleaning personnel go extra mile to help disabled uncle clean motorised vehicle at The Centrepoint

Stomper RR17 witnessed the kind gestures of two staff members who helped clean a disabled man's motorised vehicle yesterday afternoon (Aug 2).
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