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Kind pedestrian rushes over to help driver push car that stalled in middle of Geylang Road

A pedestrian wasted no time in going to the aid of a driver whose car had stalled amidst busy traffic along Geylang Road on Tuesday (May 4).
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Kind souls bring elderly stranger to hospital after finding him bleeding and alone

A woman was touched by how two youths went all out to help an elderly man that they had apparently found bleeding and alone by the roadside.
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Man gives out free bread to delivery riders at Seletar Mall

Delivery riders were touched by the kindness of a stranger who was giving out free bread outside Seletar Mall on Thursday afternoon.
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Man pleasantly surprised by honesty of Sengkang neighbour after losing wallet

While many are jaded and find it hard to find the good in others, there are those who prove that faith in humanity still exists.
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Farrer Park resident treats workers to orange juice -- straight out of his condo unit

A resident thanked workers who were cleaning his condominium building by offering them orange juice straight from his unit.
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