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Commuter commends SMRT bus captain who is popular with elderly passengers

Good service can make all the difference, even when you are taking public transport.
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Kind SMRT bus captain inspires Stomper by helping handicapped passenger alight bus

A Stomper was inspired by the kindness of an SMRT bus captain who helped a wheelchair-bound woman alight at Woodlands Woodlands Integrated Transport Hub on Aug 28.
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Stomper sees man eating scraps at People's Park Food Centre, gives him $10 for lunch

A Good Samaritan gave $10 to a man who was seen eating food scraps at People's Park Food Centre on Monday morning (Aug 30).
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Youths help exhausted food delivery rider push PAB home, offer him snacks and water

A food delivery rider was at his wits' end after having pushed his defective power-assisted bicycle (PAB) along for four hours – until three kind souls came to his aid.
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Family buys cold drinks for workers at Bukit Panjang

As we all know, the heat in Singapore can be unbearable at times but how often do we think of those who need to work under the hot sun for hours?
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