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Certis officer rushes to get wheelchair for elderly woman who fell down at Teck Whye Avenue

A Certis officer wasted no time in rushing to the aid of an elderly woman after learning that she had fallen down along Teck Whye Avenue.
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SIA passenger Naseem: "I was then presented with this (together with other souvenirs) from a Flight Steward, named JARIEL."

Singapore Airlines passenger touched to get surprise gift from crew

Imagine you're on a plane flying home to Singapore and suddenly a crew member asks you to go to the galley. What could it be for? Is something wrong?
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SP grad turned her dyslexia into strength to rank second in cohort and win Low Guan Oon Gold Medal

Singapore Polytechnic graduate Benecia Tang had her future all planned out at 16 years old and now at 19, she is well on track to pursuing her dream of setting up a social enterprise for children with learning difficulties.
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Stomper performs first-aid on elderly man bleeding after fall in Mandai

A man wasted no time in going to the aid of an elderly man who had suffered a fall in Mandai and tended to his injuries.
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Salute to this honest cabby and helpful worker who make Singapore a better place

This video of a cabby and a foreign worker helping passengers who left their luggage behind on a taxi will warm your heart.
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