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Heroic cabby who saved Stomper in distress gets Stomp Goody Bag: "I was worried for her"

Heroic taxi driver Mr Lim Soo Heng received a Stomp Goody Bag after he was worried for a damsel in distress along Straits Boulevard and saved her by replacing her punctured tyre on Dec 3.
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Patient praises staff at Jurong Medical Centre for giving out free drinks during waiting time

Stomp Norzlan was impressed with the service provided at Jurong Medical Centre when he went there for an eye check-up on Wednesday (Dec 12) at about 11am.
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Passers-by rush to help boy who got leg stuck in bicycle wheel at Woodlands

A young boy was taken to hospital after getting his leg stuck in a bicycle wheel at Woodlands Drive 50 on Monday (Dec 10).
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Lifeguards keep kids safe and buzzing with happiness at Bishan Swimming Complex

Stomper Jason was impressed with lifeguards at Bishan Swimming Complex who made his daughters' day at the pool an enjoyable and safe experience.
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Kind Go-Jek driver returns lost wallet to hungry and scared Stomper, says: "This is Singapore"

Stomper Jordan tried ride-hailing service Go-Jek for the first time on Wednesday (Dec 5) -- and it turned out to be one of his most memorable trips ever.
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