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Angel in Beatty Sec shirt helps elderly woman with cardboard from daylight till dark

Stomper Raymond was on his way to dinner at a hawker centre in the Jalan Besar area when he spotted a girl helping an elderly woman with her cardboard along Kelantan Lane on Monday (March 18).
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Mum and kids touched by how cleaner went the distance to free pigeon in Jurong West

Seeing a pigeon struggling with a fishing line that was tied to its leg, a man went to its rescue.
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Kudos to staff and passers-by who helped injured auntie at Yishun MRT station

An elderly woman was taken to hospital after getting injured at Yishun MRT station on Tuesday afternoon (March 12).
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Kind motorcyclist helps blind uncle to cross road in Little India

Stomper Dave was heartened to see a motorcyclist get off his bike to help a blind man cross the road on Tuesday afternoon (March 5).
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Kudos to Aetos officers who helped elderly man cross the road in Yishun

A pair of Aetos auxiliary police officers warmed the hearts of netizens by holding off traffic to help an elderly man cross the road at Yishun Avenue 2, near Northpoint City.
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