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Stomper re-entering workforce as PHV driver grateful to off-duty Grab rep who assisted him

Getting back into the workforce after being unemployed can be daunting but a Grab driver was grateful for the assistance he received from a Grab employee.
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Bus driver finds and returns Gucci wallet containing more than $700 cash

An SBS Transit bus captain found and returned a Gucci wallet containing over $700 that was left on his bus in the early hours of Aug 5.
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Mum of five gets back $1.9k she lost and over $15k in donations thanks to the power of Stomp

The story of a mother-of-five who was left with only $0.60 in her bank account after losing $1,900 in financial aid touched the hearts of Stompers who quickly rallied to raise funds for her and her family.
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Video of man helping cardboard collector in the street draws praise from netizens

In the hope that his act would inspire people to help others, a TikTok user, @Snezams, uploaded a video of himself helping a stranger on the street.
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