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Kudos to police officers who stopped to help woman who fell off bike at Pulau Ubin

A woman appeared to have met with an accident while cycling at Pulau Ubin on Monday (Aug 10), but fortunately, kind police officers were near to provide assistance.
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Kudos to brave woman for directing traffic after lights break down at Rochor Road junction

A woman impressed passers-by when she stepped up to direct traffic after the traffic lights at the junction of Queen Street and Rochor Road broke down on Wednesday (July 29).
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Kind police officers give family free ride to Changi after taxi breaks down on Nicoll Highway

A couple of police officers went out of their way to help a family after the taxi they were riding in broke down along Nicoll Highway on June 20.
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How former ITE and SP student conquered hardship and struggles: "Trust your journey"

Hard work, grit and an ambitious soul helped Shiva Shankari Elangovan, 31, defy the odds and get to where she is today.
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Sheng Siong employee secretly contributing $200 at funeral wake is a 'practice for over 30 years'

A Sheng Siong employee who secretly contributed $200 to the money collection box at a stranger's funeral wake did so as part of the supermarket chain's long-standing practice, a spokesman told Stomp.
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