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Police officer buys toy plane for boy who went missing from Kallang Bahru after finding him at NEX

When her seven-year-old son ran ahead as she was taking his two younger siblings to a pre-school, she did not bother to chase after him.
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Mover who returned $50k cash that customer forgot about: 'My tattoos do not determine my actions'

It started out as just another ordinary working day for professional mover Jake Tan -- until he discovered a bag containing $50,000 cash inside.
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Speedoc co-founder sees cat hit by car in KPE tunnel -- and goes to great lengths to rescue it

A woman went the distance to help a cat that had gotten hit by a car despite being badly bitten and scratched in the process, only leaving after making sure the animal was in safe hands.
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Driver thanks kind soul who left pail and water hose for common use at Holland Close carpark

Washing his car normally takes Stomper Ben around two hours but thanks to a kind soul at Block 5A Holland Close, that time has been reduced by half.
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Mosque in Jurong touches hearts by offering drinks to everyone, regardless of race or religion

The generosity demonstrated by a mosque in Jurong has warmed the hearts of Singaporeans from all backgrounds.
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