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Kind motorcyclist helps Foodpanda rider deliver food after his PAB tyre punctures

A Foodpanda delivery rider was at a loss when the back tyre of his power-assisted bicycle (PAB) suddenly punctured while he was in the middle of delivering food.
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Kind stranger brings stranded cyclist on Lornie Highway to safety, even loads his bicycle in car

A Good Samaritan not only stopped to help a cyclist in need, but even went the extra mile by helping him with his bicycle.
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SMRT train captain brightens commuters' day with special National Day message

Commuters were pleasantly surprised to hear a special greeting from their train captain on National Day (Aug 9).
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Kind stranger travels from JB to Singapore to return man his wallet

A Stomper was heartened by the kindness of a stranger who literally crossed borders to return her neighbour his wallet.
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