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Grab driver offers to send passenger's injured son to hospital -- at no extra charge

A kind Grab driver literally went the extra mile when he sent a passenger to fetch his injured son from school, before driving both of them to the hospital.
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Guy risks life to find and rescue kitten that was hit by car on ECP

A kind soul put his life in danger to rescue a kitten that had been hit by a car along the East Coast Parkway (ECP).
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Beachgoer touched to see mum and daughter picking up litter at Sembawang Park

Stomper Gennielyn was enjoying her Labour Day holiday (May 1) at Sembawang Park when she noticed a woman and a girl at the beach.
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Changi Airport ambassadors help mum with toddler who went to wrong terminal catch her flight in time

Stomper Nina panicked when she realised she was the wrong Changi Airport terminal to catch her flight to Kuching, Malaysia on Apr 20.
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