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Woman spends $50 on bubble tea to treat workers after seeing them help cyclist who fell

When she saw a group of migrant workers helping a person who had fallen off his bicycle, Mellisa Abdullah felt compelled to reward the men for their kind act. 
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Kind SMRT bus captain stops woman from losing her gold bracelet, displays all-around good service

A passenger was impressed by the kindness of a bus captain who stopped a woman from losing her gold bracelet.
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Courteous driver flashes finger heart and makes Stomper's day

No middle fingers were flashed in this story, only finger hearts.
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Commuter praises kind bus captain who passed him umbrella during rainy weather

A passenger wished to express his gratitude to a kind SMRT bus driver whose gesture of kindness made his day.
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Doctor who aided injured man says it was group effort, lauds 'true unsung heroes'

Brian Chin, 28, has never found himself in a situation where he needed to perform first-aid outside of the hospital that he works at -- until last Saturday (Aug 27).
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