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BMW driver shows middle finger after recklessly overtaking car at Yishun pedestrian crossing

A man was caught on camera flashing his middle finger after overtaking another driver at 12.50pm last Saturday (Aug 18) at a pedestrian crossing along Yishun Avenue 2.
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Driver dies in hospital after car accident in Yishun despite 6 attempts to resuscitate him

A 29-year-old man died in hospital following a car accident in Yishun during the wee hours of Saturday (Aug 18).
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Handphones and cash missing after break-in at Canberra Crescent shop

Staff of a mobile phone store at Block 120 Canberra Crescent turned up for work on Monday morning (Aug 20) to discover that items and cash were missing from the shop..
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Everything this singer has eaten on-screen gets sold out in an instant

Many people have been rushing to the movie theatre to get out of the heat. New Late Night E News met with many actors promoting their new movies. We get to meet with the amazing casts of “Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days”, “Myeongdang”, and “On Your Wedding Day”. We also meet Jaurim as they take the stage at a rock festival. Stay tuned for this week’s entertainment news.
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