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Singapore's favourite ah lian speaks to Stomp about sudden fame: 'I want to tell my parents...'

You probably come across live-stream videos of people peddling their wares on Facebook all the time, scrolling past them without much thought.
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Photos: Shin Min Daily News, Lianhe Wanbao

Unlicensed driver who drove illegally rented car and caused fatal accident gets reformative training

A youth who was 17 years old when he drove without a licence and caused an accident that resulted in the death of a woman has been sentenced to reformative training.
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National hurdler Kerstin Ong says she was ostracised after reporting coach over alleged outrage...

What an assistant athletics coach allegedly did to her was traumatic enough, but national hurdler Kerstin Ong was stunned by her teammates' reaction when she confided in them.
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It is rumoured that the missing mistress of a politician was made into an exhibition display

In this week’s episode of Section TV, VIXX’s Ravi joins as a special reporter. He interviewed some of Chungmuro’s biggest stars, Cho Seung Woo, Ji Sung, Kim Sung Kyun, You Jae Myung, and Lee Won Keun who shot a movie called “Fengshui”. Other reports such as news on HyunA and E’Dawn’s termination of...
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