Woman gives Gojek driver $20 tip for going extra mile to help her make it on time for Istana event

Submitted by Stomper Anupriya

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A Gojek driver went above and beyond to help a woman who left her phone in his car before going to the Istana.

The heartwarming account was shared on the Kindheroes.club Facebook page on Dec 14.

The passenger shared that she had booked a Gojek ride to attend the International Volunteer Day reception hosted by President Tharman Shanmugaratnam and the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) on Dec 7.

She had alighted at Plaza Singapura, the nearest drop-off point to the Istana.

"I was decked in an Indian sari and was fussing with it and realised only after a few [minutes] that I had left the phone in the cab," she said.

She then borrowed a phone from a kind lady to call her phone which the driver picked up.

She explained that she needed the phone to show her invite at the Istana gates and would miss the event entry in 25 minutes.

"He had already taken another ride but said he would come back after dropping the [passenger] off."

That's when it started to rain.

When the driver reached and passed her phone back to her, she asked if he could drop her off closer to the gates.

However, since Plaza Singapura was the closest drop-off point he offered her an umbrella instead.

"I thanked him profusely and ran [through] Plaza Singapura in my sari (Bollywood-ish style) and then through the rain in time to catch the shuttle from the Istana gates," she shared.

Although her sari and shoes were wet she was still relieved and happy to have made it in time.

She then sent the driver a $20 tip through the Gojek app.

"Thanks to the kindhero driver!!" she said.