Family looking for kind soul with 'heart of gold' who returned son's lost pouch

Submitted by Stomper Kikin

A couple is looking for a kind stranger who returned their son's lost pouch after he lost it.

Stomper Kikin shared that her son had left his pouch at Duo Residences at Fraser Street and that it contained his identity card, money, and ATM card.

She added that her family does not stay anywhere near Duo Residences.

"They sent it over directly to our house but unfortunately, we were not around to receive it," she said.

"When my husband and I reached home and wanted to open our gate, we found the pouch

"All his money was still in the pouch, nothing was missing at all."

She said she was grateful and touched to know there are nice people around.

"To that someone, we really appreciate it," she said.

"You have such a good heart to send our son's pouch home.

"We really pray that you be blessed in everything you do."

She hopes to connect with the kind soul to thank them personally.

If you are the person who found Kikin's son's pouch, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.