Kind hero with foot injury rushes to help family involved in accident at Upper Serangoon Road

Submitted by Stomper Siew Yian

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Not all heroes wear capes.

Stomper Siew Yian alerted Stomp to an accident involving a car and van at the junction of Buangkok Drive and Upper Serangoon Road on Nov 17.

She was driving past the scene when she saw an elderly man and a woman holding onto a boy.

She quickly stopped her car to see how she could help but saw a man wearing a boot on his left leg offering his assistance to the family.

She said she exchanged information with the man, who told her his name was Nadzri, and they split their roles.

She shared that the elderly man looked anxious and told her his son was autistic. She ushered them away from the road and helped to hold on to the boy to prevent him from running onto the road.

Siew Yian also checked on both drivers and suggested the next steps for them.

Stomp understands no one was injured and that both drivers were advised to refer the case to their insurance providers.

"Nadzri called for a Grab to send the boy and woman home first to ensure their safety," the Stomper said.

"Nothing was going to stop him from performing an act of kindness, not even the cast on his left leg."

"Nadzri is a superhero. Thank you Nadzri!"

When I drove pass the accident scene, I saw an elderly man and a woman holding on to a boy with special needs. Stopped...

Posted by Lee Siew Yian on Friday, November 17, 2023