Stellar bus captain assists wheelchair users, shelters passengers with his umbrella

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Stomper was heartened to see an SMRT bus captain going the extra mile to provide the best service to his commuters on Nov 12.

He shared video clips of the bus captain helping two wheelchair users board and alight his bus and using his umbrella to shelter passengers.

The Stomper shared that the bus captain was helping one wheelchair user alight and assisted another to board his bus at the same bus stop.

"I want to compliment bus captain Yang Shuang for providing excellent service," said the Stomper.

"He didn't show any sign of impatience and remained professional on duty!

"When the rain got heavier, he jumped out of his seat immediately and sheltered commuters with his personal umbrella."

The Stomper added that during his journey, the bus captain greeted his fellow commuters with a warm smile and a 'good afternoon'.

He also commended bus captain Yang for his safe driving and lack of 'hard braking'.

"Well done, BC!" he said.