Singapore's favourite ah lian speaks to Stomp about sudden fame: 'I want to tell my parents...'

You probably come across live-stream videos of people peddling their wares on Facebook all the time, scrolling past them without much thought.
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Thank you, kind soul who couriered lost wallet back to me -- but you left something behind!

Stomper Arun was surprised when he received an unexpected package on Monday (Sep 24).
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Wah, this van driver can steer wheel and talk on the phone -- at the same time

Stomper Osvdl was driving along Jalan Bukit Merah at about 4pm on Monday (Sep 24) when he saw a man driving while talking on the phone.
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It is rumoured that the missing mistress of a politician was made into an exhibition display

In this week’s episode of Section TV, VIXX’s Ravi joins as a special reporter. He interviewed some of Chungmuro’s biggest stars, Cho Seung Woo, Ji Sung, Kim Sung Kyun, You Jae Myung, and Lee Won Keun who shot a movie called “Fengshui”. Other reports such as news on HyunA and E’Dawn’s termination of...
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Photos: Singapore Police Force

6 women arrested for carrying out vice activities in hotels, 4 men nabbed for gambling at coffee shop

Six women and five men, aged between 20 and 67, were arrested in a two-day enforcement operation targeting vice and public gaming activities.
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Posed photo: ST

'Where is the love?' Stomper shares how hard it was to find someone willing to help when his phone died

Have you ever had your phone die on you while you are out and urgently need to make a call to someone?
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Kind driver gets down bus to help passengers with pram, gives sweet to child

Stomper Ms Kai was at the bus stop opposite Marsiling Mall at 4.30pm on Sep 22 when she witnessed a bus driver helping two passengers with their pram.
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Hello, this is not a trash bin! Man leaves baby diaper on parked car at VivoCity

A man was spotted on camera leaving a baby diaper on the bonnet of another car at VivoCity Basement Two carpark yesterday (Sep 23) at about 2pm.
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Stomp Goody Bag Project

Stomp Goody Bag Project

Stomp is giving out Goody Bags to everyday heroes who 'kena Stomped' for doing random acts of kindness.

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