2 dead after van crashes into tree along Bukit Timah Road, driver injured and arrested

A van crashed into a tree along Bukit Timah Road on early Saturday morning (Oct 20), leaving two passengers dead and its driver injured.
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Woman "bashed up" and robbed outside Waterway Cascadia flat, 20-year-old man arrested

A 53-year-old woman was left injured after getting beaten up and robbed outside her flat at Block 315A Punggol Way on Thursday afternoon (Oct 18).
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Female cyclist unconscious after getting knocked down by van along Boon Lay Way

A 52-year-old cyclist was left unconscious after getting hit by a van along Boon Lay Way, towards Upper Jurong Road, on Thursday (Oct 18).
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Woman wanting to borrow $3k gets $500 from moneylender -- but ends up forking out $2.6k

Stomper Anon had hoped to borrow $3,000 from a moneylender in September, but ended up getting only $500 and paying him $2,600 instead.
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Actor criticised for being a passenger to drunk driver who caused accident

On today’s episode of Entertainment Weekly, we get news about Actor Baek Sung Hyun being in controversy for aiding drunk driving.
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Man arrested for public nuisance after allegedly taking video of woman in Simei

A man was arrested by the police for public nuisance after he allegedly took a video of a woman at the void deck of Block 155 Simei Road on Oct 17 at about 1.45pm.
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SBS Transit to take action against bus captain after Stomper takes video of him driving dangerously

Disciplinary action will be taken against an SBS Transit bus captain who was seen driving dangerously along Fullerton Road towards Esplanade Drive at about midnight on Oct 12.
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Green substance on chicken sold at Yishun supermarket is from broken gallbladder, not mould

A green substance that Stomper Anon saw on chicken sold at a supermarket on Monday (Oct 15) in Yishun has been identified as fluid from a broken gallbladder.
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Woman promises to pay $9.54 taxi fare -- only to delay matter for over a week and then go MIA

Being a taxi driver these days is hard work.
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Stomp Goody Bag Project

Stomp Goody Bag Project

Stomp is giving out Goody Bags to everyday heroes who 'kena Stomped' for doing random acts of kindness.

Stomp Gets Things Done

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