Stomper moved by what handsome bus captain did for abusive commuter who didn't pay fare

Submitted by Stomper Sharon

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It has been over two years since a commuter wrote in to Stomp to commend a bus captain for his extraordinary service, honesty and compassion.

Stomper Sharon previously shared how Mr Prasad had come to her rescue after she boarded SBS Transit's bus service 852 without her wallet – by giving her $10.

She recounted at that time: "He told me to keep the change in case I might need it for the day."

She also said: "This handsome driver never fails to smile and greet every passenger, young or old, regardless of race, rich or poor. It really makes my day and that of all the other passengers."

Although Sharon encounters Mr Prasad on her daily commute, she is inspired to share another recent incident involving him.

She told Stomp on Oct 15: "It has been two years since I wrote in and complimented Mr Prasad.

"This young and handsome driver has a heart of gold. He shows care, love and patience towards everyone taking his bus. He also greets everyone with a sincere smile. I am full of admiration for his character.

"Last week, I witnessed an incident involving an old man of about 80 years old who boarded the bus together with me. He climbed on the bus without tapping his card and went straight to a seat.

"Mr Prasad gently said, 'Sir, you have not tapped your card.'

"The man answered, 'So what? Call the police, you stupid man!!!' He started shouting, scolding and cursing Mr Prasad, who simply kept smiling and took out his own money to pay for the man before he continued driving.

"After a few stops, the old man pressed the bell to alight. Unfortunately, he could not stand up and shouted for help.

"Mr Prasath immediately jumped out from his driver's seat, lifted the man up and guided him down the bus. He made sure the man was fine before he came back to the bus and continued driving.

"I am so touched by Mr Prasad's attitude. He cared and showed concern for this old man even though he was shouted and cursed at."

Sharon said she does not have any photos of the incident, but hopes that Mr Prasad gets the recognition he deserves.

She added: "Many times I have seen SBS Transit giving out awards to drivers. I hope Mr Prasad will be awarded for his marvellous attitude."