SMRT bus captain praised for assisting wheelchair user and carrying passenger's trolley off bus

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Stomper wants to praise an SMRT bus captain whom he has observed on several occasions going above and beyond for his passengers.

The Stomper shared with Stomp photos and videos of senior bus captain Morlitharan Krishnan of bus service 913.

He was seen assisting a wheelchair user and elderly commuter boarding and alighting his bus.

The Stomper also wanted to personally thank the bus captain for helping him carry his trolley off the bus on Dec 20.

"When I was boarding the bus, BC Morli saw me carrying a lot of things and immediately jumped off his seat to assist me by carrying the new trolley I had purchased," he said.

"When I was alighting, he told me that he would also help me carry the trolley off the bus.

"I am really thankful for BC Morli's help!"

The Stomper said that he has written to SMRT to compliment the bus captain and hopes that his excellent service will be recognised.

"His good service really warms my heart!" the Stomper said.

"He's always willing to go beyond his duties to help commuters in need.

"Thank you SMRT fro training your BC so well."