Albanian air-con boss gives back to Singapore by furnishing homes for the needy

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It all started when he wanted to give away a sofa.

Now, Hermes Xhika has made 'Sunday Blessings' a regular endeavour to help families and individuals in need.

In September, the 31-year-old Albanian wanted to give away a sofa after buying a new one for his office.

A single mother put out a request for the asked for it and when he visited her one-bedroom rental flat, he was shocked to find she had 'nothing'.

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He then roped in his staff, friends and wife Irene to help furnish her home with items, including a television set, a water heater and a queen-sized bed.

This propelled him to start 'Sunday Blessings' on his TikTok channel.

Most recently, Hermes helped a 70-year-old man by getting him a wheelchair and a single bed with a mattress on Nov 19.

The man's nurse contacted him for help and he promptly started searching for what the man needed.

The uncle had both of his legs amputated due to diabetes and had no family.

@lioncityairconangmo Its sunday blessing again today we are going to bless a 70yr old uncle with both leg amputated due to diabetes. Uncle have no family no kids , thanks to his nurse lisa who had contact us for help . We able to buy a new wheelchair and a single bed with mattress for uncle . #lioncity #lioncityangmo #lioncityaircon ♬ original sound - Richard Nua - Richard Nua

Hermes told Stomp he has received several requests for 'blessings' but has had to turn down many of them.

"A lot of people think we are a charity organisation," he said.

"They get so angry and scold us for not helping."

For now, he is focusing on those who are sick, struggling with mental health issues and single mothers who need assistance.

So far, the one case that has left a lasting impression on him is a woman with mental health problems and with six children.

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Hermes and his crew repainted her home, gave her furniture and installed a ceiling fan.

One of his followers also donated a second-hand laptop that he gave to the woman's kids.

"Being a teenager in this era, you cannot be without a laptop," he said.

In February, Stomp shared Hermes's story on how he finally bought Irene a real diamond ring nine years after proposing to her with a plastic one.

From sharing a small rented room in Woodlands, Hermes has overcome the odds and is now a permanent resident who owns two companies in Singapore: Lion City Aircon, and Expats Coliving.

He has not forgotten where he came from and wants to give back to society.

"I wanted to give back to Singapore and her people," he said.

"I can't, as a foreigner, just come and earn Singapore money without giving back and helping the needy."