Woman googles her own name, unexpectedly reunites with ex-classmates from 45 years ago

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They had not seen each other since receiving their O-level results.

Stomper Eddie reunited with a former Buona Vista Secondary School classmate after 45 years following an appeal on Stomp.

He had written to Stomp in August last year for help to find an ex-classmate by the name of Loke Wai Ching.

"Wai Ching was a very quiet girl who did not mix with us bunch of rowdy boys. The last time we met was at the end of 1978 when we got our O-level results," recalled Eddie.

"We are all just reaching our 60s now. A few years back, I decided to reconnect with my ex-classmates and have already found about 80 per cent of them, including one of the girls, but Wai Ching was nowhere to be found.

"I couldn't find her on Facebook and the lady classmate whom I have managed to reconnect with kept asking about her."

About eight months after his appeal was published, Stomp received on April 24 an email, which said: "I read your article of Aug 18, 2022. Man looking for ex-classmate. I am the lady (Loke Wai Ching) you are looking for."

Stomp shared Eddie's contact number with her and her number with him.

"I received a call in the morning and she identified herself as Loke Wai Ching," said Eddie, who explained how Wai Ching came across the Stomp article.

"One day, she was looking for someone on the Internet and googled her name and the person she was looking for. Her name appeared on Stomp and she found out that I was looking for her."

Eddie and Wai Ching finally reunited on Friday (May 12) along with other former classmates.

Sharing a photo of the reunion, Eddie told Stomp: "She's the one behind the lady on the left and I'm the third guy behind on the right of the photo.

"It has been 45 years since we last met and 45 years later, it seemed like our lives have linked up together again.

"On that night, we met as a group, it transported us back in time.

"Thank you for facilitating us in our search for each other."