Owner of large dog shares her transport challenges after bad experiences with GetGo and Ryde

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Dogs are allowed in GetGo vehicles – but only under one condition.

After the carsharing company charged a woman a $300 "cleaning fee" for bringing her canine on board a GetGo vehicle without a pet carrier, she shares the challenges of finding transportation for her and her large dog.

According to GetGo website, pets are only allowed in its vehicles if they are kept in locked carriers as pet fur can cause an allergic reaction for other users.

"We do want to be considerate to the Muslim community as well," added the carsharing company.

"Please note that there will be a cleaning fee of up to $300 (before GST) imposed for drivers found leaving the car in dirty condition (e.g. pet fur on car upholstery)."

Due to her "violation of community guidelines" in January, Stomper M received en email from GetGo informing her that her account was suspended until she paid the "penalty fee".

When she told GetGo that the vehicle was "properly cleaned" before its return, the company replied: "We appreciate you maintaining the vehicle's cleanliness. However, as the pet was brought onboard a GetGo vehicle and not completely enclosed in a cage or a carrier, this fee has been charged."

The Stomper then asked GetGo: "Are there ways to feedback on the ‘community standards’ given the discriminatory practices against larger pets that are unable to be in crate?"

She told Stomp: "The intent is not to sow discord or refute any specific incidents involving using their service with a large breed dog.

"Instead, I aim to highlight the broader challenges that owners of large dogs often encounter when seeking transportation in Singapore.

"Despite the constructive feedback provided to GetGo in January 2024, the fines imposed on owners of large dog breeds have continued."

The Stomper added that the community standards set by GetGo presented "an inherent contradiction and an element of discriminatory practices".

She explained: "While the transportation of pets is permissible, provided they are in a carrier, this policy juxtaposes catering to people with allergic reactions and cultural sensitivities.

"Furthermore, the carrier requirement typically caters to smaller dogs, resulting in an exclusionary effect on larger breeds."


A cleaning fee of up to $300 (before GST) would imposed for drivers found leaving the car with pet fur on the upholstery.

Posted by Stomp on Sunday 21 January 2024

In her email correspondence with GetGo, the company addressed the issue of crates by sending her a link to the website for Impact Dog Crates, which can fit larger breeds of pets.

"GetGo has a range of vans available for booking, which will certainly fit large crates," added the company.

In her reply, the Stomper wrote: "While the crates available at Impact Dog Crates may be suitable for larger breeds, the process of placing a dog in a crate, especially one weighing 34kg like mine, can be quite challenging.

"Large dogs have a strength and energy level surpassing small breeds. Being confined in the cage, placed at the back of the car during the journey, can cause undue distress and be a significant hurdle for pet owners. Acts that terrify an animal constitute animal cruelty.

She pointed out that the vans that GetGo offered were not readily available in all locations, particularly near her home and might require a different class of driver's licence, which not all GetGo users possess.

The Stomper then offered GetGo a couple of alternative solutions: "Implementing a policy that allows pets to travel with protective seat covers or harnesses, coupled with the requirement to use pet diapers."

She also suggested that GetGo allocate certain vehicles within its fleet as "pet-friendly".

"This would allow users with specific requirements or concerns regarding pets to choose accordingly, ensuring comfort for the pets and peace of mind for pet owners and other users who might be particular about travelling in a vehicle previously occupied by pets."

GetGo applauded the Stomper's suggestions and added: "Allocating vehicles within our fleet as 'pet-friendly' is certainly a long-term goal for GetGo. As we are currently growing, it is not in our current capability to separate a certain number of vehicles and assign them to a pet-friendly category.

"However, as GetGo grows, this will be looked into, as it is a means of providing an extraordinary service."

The Stomper then informed GetGo she will no longer use the platform until the "issues are addressed more appropriately".

She told Stomp she had earlier tried another transport platform, Ryde, specifically RydePet, but had two unpleasant encounters.

In both cases, the driver refused to take her pets at the last minute.

The Stomper shared screenshots of her chats with Ryde about the two incidents.

She said that they highlight "a pattern of service refusal faced by pet owners who try to get cab services".

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