Clutter cleared from Sengkang corridor after Stomper's feedback

Clutter has been cleared from outside a Sengkang resident's flat after a neighbour took to Stomp to express safety concerns.

In a report on Wednesday (Aug 2), Stomper RT shared photos showing numerous items such as laundry, plants and furniture stacked along the second-floor corridor of Block 287A Compassvale Crescent.

He also said the situation has been going on for almost one year despite feedback to the town council.

Sengkang Town Council told Stomp that officers had visited the unit on multiple occasions and also previously assisted the resident in clearing his items.

A spokesman added: "The most recent notice was issued to the resident on July 6. Subsequently, we received a call from the resident, requesting for a time extension until August 1 for him to sell and clear his items accordingly."

The town council also said it would revisit the unit on Aug 2.

Stomper RT has since shared more photos of the situation and provided further updates.

He said the clutter was still there on Aug 2, at 5.30pm:

However, the items were cleared by Aug 3, at 4.45pm:

RT said: "I have no idea if this was done by the resident or the town council, but thank you, Stomp team."