Bukit Timah condo 'under attack' by monkeys that enter homes and leave trail of destruction

Submitted by Stomper Sook Hui

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Residents of Pine Grove condominium in Bukit Timah have been dealing with unwelcome visits by uninvited visitors.

Stomper Sook Hui shared with Stomp that monkeys have been entering apartments and leaving a trail of destruction.

"Pine Grove is under attack by monkeys again," she said.

"For the unfortunate residents who suffer visits from monkeys (sometimes more than 20), their entire home will be in a mess with smashed eggs, overturned or broken cookie jars and bowls and remnants of half-eaten fruits strewn everywhere."

She shared a video with Stomp of around 10 monkeys from her window, with some of them entering and exiting her neighbours' units. Some of them appeared to be nibbling on fruit.

Considering the situation, the Stomper shared that most residents do their best to keep their doors and windows closed at all times, or install narrow grilles to keep the primates out.

"However, this is not always possible," Sook Hui said.

"The Singapore weather is getting hotter by the day and not all units can afford to install full-house air-conditioning nor redo all their grilles."

She added that she has seen several helpers 'cursing' at having to deal with the aftermath and have since formed a lookout group.

"They will shout or bang pots to alert other helpers that the monkeys are here so they can all rush to shut their windows and doors," she said.

"But sometimes, some helpers are not at home to hear the community alarm when this happens."

She shared that residents of the condo have reached out to the authorities and were told not to feed the monkeys.

"This is very disappointing and irresponsible behaviour by the authorities as the monkey problem all started because of neighbouring parcels of forested state land being sold and cleared for condo developments," she said.

Last year, another Stomper shared a similar plight faced by residents of the Springdale condominium in Bukit Timah.

She lamented how the monkeys are affecting the 'quality of life of residents'.

Here is how to keep long-tailed macaques out of your home, according to the NParks website.