Carousell seller refuses to refund man after selling him 'dirty and rundown' aircon for $550

Submitted by Stomper Mr J

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A man paid $550 for a second-hand portable air-conditioner from a Carousell seller who advertised it as 'like new' but was horrified when it arrived dirty and rundown.

Stomper Mr J shared with Stomp that when he came across the listing for the Mistral portable aircon, the seller stated that the unit had only been used a few times and was clean and in good condition.

He negotiated with the seller to bring the price down from $699 to $550 and then paid $40 to arrange for the aircon to be delivered to his home via Lalamove.

"When the item was delivered on April 20, I was shocked!" he said.

"It was so dirty and rundown, its filters were clogged with dust and the metal parts had rust on it."

The seller told him that the unit had only been used for one-and-a-half months and was still under warranty.

However, when he turned the aircon on, there was a musty smell. He then arranged for a company to service the aircon.

Additionally, the seller failed to include the remote control needed to operate the aircon's louvre and WiFi functions.

When Mr J contacted the seller via WhatsApp to ask about the remote, he told him that he had passed it to the Lalamove delivery guy.

"The delivery guy called me back personally and said that no remote control was passed to him," he said.

"I confronted the seller again for the remote control and also regarding the condition of the aircon but he didn't want to admit he had lied to me to sell the item and tried to talk his way out of it, twisting his words and even using my own words against me."

In their text conversation, the seller said that passing the remote to the driver is 'not a service included in my description'.

When the Stomper said he wanted to take action against him, the seller misunderstood that as him wanting to 'endanger' him physically.

The Stomper explained that he was going to report it to the authorities and the seller said he would do the same and report him for 'waste of police resources'.

The seller also refused to take back the aircon and refund the Stomper.

"He's a very dishonest person," said Mr J.

The Stomper reported the incident to Carousell but was disappointed at the lack of support.

"They have a lousy and inferior reporting system which I have been trying for days to 'decipher' on how to report but I just could not," he said.

"Should I make a police report? Is there anyone that has experienced this before?"

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