Viral photo of Christmas lights resembling male genitals purportedly in Orchard Road is fake news

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They were meant to represent a candle and holly berries with leaves but ended up looking like something else.

A photo of Christmas lights resembling male genitals circulating online recently was not taken at Orchard Road as it is purported to be.

The earliest appearance of the photo found on Reddit, posted in 2015 with the caption: "So my city just got decorated with Christmas d***s."

It is believed but unconfirmed that the photo was taken in Greece.

The photo shows the phallic Christmas lights hanging on a row of street lamps above people wearing cold-weather clothing in a location that is decidedly not Singapore.

A heavily cropped version of the photo was claimed to be taken at Orchard Road and many seemed to believe it.

One netizen commented albeit jokingly: "Must be Naughty Girl night club from Orchard Towers sponsored this decoration for this Christmas season party."

Below is what the Orchard Road Christmas lights actually look like this year.

There is another photo of the same penis lights along a dark road, which appeared online in 2014.