The power of Stomp and how we get things done

With its extensive social media reach, strong branding and ability to make things go viral in almost no time, Stomp is a force to be reckoned with.

As a citizen journalism and breaking news website, Stomp gives readers a voice and acts as a platform for their opinions to be heard. However, we also do more than just that.

Our brand new section, 'Stomp Gets Things Done', will highlight examples of how we have a made a difference to the lives of our contributors and readers.

Reuniting people with loved ones and prized belongings

Stomp has proven just how powerful we are as a website and social media influencer, through the numerous times we helped to locate missing persons, lost pets and misplaced belongings.

This is all thanks to the army of citizen journalists and millions of people who visit our website.

In our latest feat, Stomp managed to reunite a Stomper with his valuable gold chain; one that had a long family history of 33 years.

He had posted an appeal for help in locating it on Stomp after dropping it at City Square Mall.

The following day, another reader who saw his article came forward to say that he had found the gold chain.

After verifying that it was the same item in question, Stomp arranged for both parties to meet at our offices the very same night.

Not only did the Stomper get his gold chain back, both men also made a new friend.

Once, a man even delivered doughnuts to the Stomp office to express his gratitude after a report on our website helped reunite him with his missing father.

Deterring crime

It isn't just anti-social behaviour that we highlight and hope to discourage. Stomp also helps to stop criminal acts.

Recent examples include a girl who wrote in to say sorry for evading her taxi fare, a man who apologised to his neighbour after taking the latter's shoes, as well as a guy who surrendered himself to the police for riding away with someone else's bicycle.

All of them had realised the error of their ways after seeing their misdeeds caught on camera footage that was posted on Stomp. They must have been thinking, "Tio Stomped liao!"

Getting authorities to act

Been haunted by seemingly unsolvable woes, got grievances to air about your neighbour's inconsiderate behaviour or  have an unfavourable experience you wish to bring to attention?

Get issues that are of concern to you heard by writing in to Stomp -- as well as a response from authorities after they take action.

Stomp works closely with various government agencies and organisations, such as the Police, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), National Environment Agency (NEA), Public Utilities Board (PUB), Housing Development Board (HDB) and Town Councils.

By acting as a bridge between citizens and authorities, we help you get your voices heard.

Spreading positivity

What good is happiness if not shared?

Stomp's Get Inspired section aims to recognise heartwarming acts of kindness to show that anyone can be a hero and they live among us.

Our Realife series also highlights how everyday people like you and me overcame their daily struggles to become the success stories they are today.

Through these feel-good tales, we hope to encourage readers to do good and make the world a better place.

Rallying the community for a good cause

From helping animal shelter to appeal for funds to raising donations for individuals in need, Stomp has put its strong influence to good use in many different ways.

Stomp's Hunt For the Yishun Cat Killer campaign also increases awareness about the unfortunate saga in hopes of stopping it.

Using our influential presence as a website and on social media, we empower people to do great things through small means.

Check out more examples under the Stomp Gets Things Done section and on our testimonials page.

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