Telegram hitch driver asks woman if she's 'open-minded like hug hug and kiss'

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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A woman's first experience with carpooling services on Telegram will also be her last.

Stomper Anon said she tried booking a ride via the SG Car Hitch chat group on Saturday afternoon (June 3), but came across a driver who made inappropriate sexual propositions.

The 31-year-old woman told Stomp: "I tried hitching on Telegram for the very first time.

"This guy texted me. At first, I thought he was a driver and replied him. However, the moment he messaged me such things, I knew I needed to get his picture so I can alert other ladies out there."

Screenshots that Anon shared show the driver asking her if she was "open-minded" like "hug hug and kiss".

Anon explained that she continued with the conversation as she wanted to get photos of the driver "to alert the ladies out there".

She can be seen asking the driver for photos to "see if your face nice or not la" and he complied.

After the Stomper insulted his looks, the driver responded, "Faster lah, you want or not make me f*** your a**."

The driver only backed off when Anon pretended to be an undercover cop and said his information had been tracked.

Anon added: "That's the entire conversation as he immediately blocked me once I claimed to be from the police.

"He is indeed a predator and thankfully, I got at least two pictures of him."

While there are no restrictions on social carpooling among friends and colleagues, carpooling matched through informal non-business mediums, such as SG Hitch, is illegal in Singapore.

Carpooling arrangements facilitated by licensed business platforms like GrabHitch and RydePool, as well as other licence-exempt business platforms that have fleets of fewer than 800 vehicles, are allowed.

A Land Transport Authority (LTA) spokesman told The Straits Times in February that it "will continue to monitor and take enforcement action against those providing illegal carpooling and carpooling matching services".

Passengers who opt for carpooling services offered via Telegram said they do so to save money, especially when fares spike on ride-hailing apps during peak periods. They also said they are aware of the safety risks, reported ST.

Asked if she will use carpooling services via Telegram again, Anon told Stomp: "Never."

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