Shopkeeper presented with Stomp Goody Bag for helping wheelchair-bound elderly uncle up stairs

Step into Block 23, Sin Ming Road, and you'll get transported to a different time.

While kampungs may be a thing of the past, here, its spirit is very much alive. 

Meet 48-year-old Lim Kah Heng, the heart of the vibrant community.  

Kah Heng has been running an automobile parts and supplies store called 'Power Sales Corporation' for almost four decades.

It was passed down to him by his father.

While manning the store is his job, helping others is his calling.

Kah Heng has personally helped many residents, especially elderly folks, with menial tasks -- from changing light bulbs to buying food.

One such beneficiary is Mr Sheng. 

Jovial and whimsical, the wheelchair-bound 78-year-old told Stomp that Kah Heng and him have been friends for almost 30 years.

Last Tuesday, Mr Sheng was left stranded on the ground floor with his maid after the lift that he normally takes broke down.

Thereafter, Kah Heng immediately rallied others, and carried him and his wheelchair up a flight of stairs to an older lift.

Kah Heng then saw the elderly resident to his home on the 11th storey.

Mitchel, another resident, has nothing but praises for Kah Heng.

The verbose Mitchel told Stomp that Kah Heng had once helped her wheelchair-bound mother-in-law who had fallen onto the ground while alighting from a taxi. 

Despite all that he does, Kah Heng insists that what he does is something that everyone would do.

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