Sin Ming Rd shopkeeper rallies group to help elderly wheelchair-bound man up flight of stairs

Submitted by Stomper Mitchel

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Updated on July 21, 2017.

Stomp interviewed the kind shop keeper, Mr Lim Kah Heng. Read the full story here

Stomper Mitchel met her neighbour and his maid yesterday (July 11) at around 12.30pm at the foot of Block 23, Sin Ming Road.

As the floor-to-floor lift on the ground floor was under maintenance, the elderly man in a wheelchair and his maid had trouble going back to their flat on the 11th storey. 

While there was an older lift, it was located above a flight of stairs, and the maid did not have the strength to carry her employer up.

Mitchel explained: "The older lift did not stop on every floor, so the closest access we had was up a flight of stairs."

Realising this, Mitchel went to a store at the foot of the block to ask for help from the owner Lim Kah Heng.

According to Mitchel, she had known Kah Heng for over five years and he had always been a kind and helpful individual.

When Mitchel told Kah Heng about the situation, he quickly rallied the help of a few other men from the store next to his as well as other neighbours.

The group then moved Mitchel's elderly neighbour, in his wheelchair, up the flight of stairs to the lift.

They took the lift up to the 10th storey before alighting and moving the old man up another flight of stairs to his flat.

Mitchel wanted to take the chance to thank Mr Kah Heng for his contribution throughout the years.

She said: "Once my mother-in-law, who was in a wheelchair visited me with her maid.

"The two alighted from a taxi, but the maid did not have the strength to move her back onto the wheelchair, and my mother-in-law almost fell on the ground.

"When Kah Heng saw this, he quickly came over and helped carry my mother-in-law onto her wheelchair.

"This estate is full of elderly folk who are often in need of assistance."

She also revealed that a month back in June 2017, an old man reportedly had breathing difficulty, and Kah Heng too, helped to call for an ambulance.

Mitchel added: "He is such a gentle and kind man. We're really lucky to have him here in the neighbourhood."