Man killed over affair with woman, facial bones fractured: Mastermind hubby "deserves to die", say victim's parents

The parents of 37-year-old Dexmon Chua Yizhi, killed after his affair with a married woman was discovered by her husband, said that justice was finally delivered, but they would not get their son back.

This comes after the apex court overturned its decision and sentenced the suspect, Chia Kee Chen, 58, to hang on Wednesday (June 27), following an appeal by the prosecutors.

Prior to that, Chia had been given the life imprisonment sentence back in July 2017.

The incident took place between Dec 28 and Dec 29, 2013, in which the victim was abducted near his flat in Choa Chu Kang, forced into a van and assaulted so viciously that almost every facial bone on him was fractured.

He subsequently died and his body was dumped in a live-firing area in Lim Chu Kang.

Chia had two accomplices who helped him to execute his plans for revenge — 35-year-old Indonesian, Febri Irwansyah Djatmiko, and 67-year-old Singaporean Chua Leong Aik.

Febri fled the country while Chua Leong Aik is currently serving a five-year term.

Chia was arrested while returning from a holiday with his family after killing the victim, and charged with murder.

The mother of the victim said that the past four years had been very difficult, citing that she constantly dreamt of her son.

She would also cry by herself on the bed sometimes, said the woman who declined to be named. 

She said:

“Justice is finally delivered.”

She told Lianhe Wanbao that she had intended to attend the court session in person to hear the verdict, but was unable to attend due to some matters at home. She later found out through her daughter that Chia had been given the death sentence.

Tearing, she added:

“Last year he was only given life imprisonment. It was a very huge blow to us all. We kept pleading with the prosecutors to file for an appeal and deliver justice for our son.

“Our filial son was just snatched away like that. What’s there to discuss? He (Chia) deserves to die. Our son will never return again.”

The victim’s father said that he and his wife had three children. The victim was the middle child, and also the most filial of the three. 

He said that the victim never returned home late and would always buy for him and his wife their favourite pastries. 

He lamented:

“Our son was only 37 years old, and this was supposed to be the peak of his life. He had just gotten a new degree and was due for a promotion. 

“However his beautiful life ended just like that. We just want to tell him that he can rest in peace now. I hope he will live better in his next life.”