Need a date for CNY? Man and woman advertise their services in hilarious FB posts

It seems like every Chinese New Year there are 'selfless' men and women offering their services as dates to those who cannot bear to face nosy relatives during reunion dinners.

This year, Facebook user Bryant Luo posted a rent-a-boyfriend add on his page on Jan 22, charging $88 per hour for a minimum of two hours.

He also listed 'add-on' services like showing he is perfect husband material and kissing in front of relatives for $188 each.

His post has since garnered over 1,200 shares and 640 comments despite him clarifying he was kidding and "under-qualified" to be an escort.

Bryant's post was followed shortly by familiar face Carrine Low who last made headlines with her viral video in which she asked Singapore taxi drivers for love advice.

In her 'last-minute' sale, she gives a detailed description of herself and what she can and cannot do.

She can peel prawns and play mahjong but she draws the line at conversations that objectify women and doing standing broad jump.

She also offers a variety of personas including 'smart local U girl', 'Chinese ah lian' and 'rich Sentosa Cove girl'.

Her rates are $100 per hour with a special student price of $88 per hour.

Her hilarious post has since garnered over 3,500 shares.