Woman asks Singapore taxi drivers for love advice -- and gets funny insights

Taxi drivers definitely see and hear a lot while on the job.

Anyone who has ever taken the time to converse with them while on their cab journey would know about the fascinating stories that they have to tell.

Just ask Singaporean girl Carrine Low, who decided to ask cabbies for relationship advice over one week.

In the fifth episode of her IGTV show Carrine Lowlife, she broaches common questions such as how to maintain a long-distance relationship to more outrageous ones like whether it's okay to have more than one boyfriend.

One driver even called Carrine's question about a hypothetically gay boyfriend "exciting."

"Who needs therapy when you can just talk to taxi uncles?" Carrine says in the video.

Asked what inspired her to create this video, Carrine told Stomp: "I always have great conversations with cabbies when I'm on rides so I decided to collate all their love advice.

"I thought Singaporeans could relate and enjoy the humour."