What's this, another CNY boyfriend ad? $1,888 for this 'auntie slayer'

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As Chinese New Year looms closer, the number of advertisements offering 'boyfriends for hire' also seem to be on the rise.

It was earlier reported that a 26-year-old Singaporean guy, Ong, was offering himself for 'rental' over the festive season.

Although he did not list his rates publicly, the 172cm-tall guy bragged of the many different personas he could pull off to impress your relatives.

This time, another hunk in Singapore is offering similar services for $88 per day and $1,888 for the entire Chinese New Year.

According to a Facebook post which Stomper Aiden shared with us, 21-year-old Tan is 171cm and "used to have a six pack, [but] now parents love me cause I'm Buddha-looking good."

He also appears to be multi-talented, describing himself to be a former national rower, rugby player and DJ.

In his bio, he also wrote that "they call me the auntie slayer for a reason. I make them smile."

While Ong wrote that he is "physically superior to your ex", Tan goes a notch further by claiming to be "physically and mentally superior to your ex."

Tan also obviously has a good sense of humour, by saying that his looks has a 3/10 rating from his friends, but a perfect 10/10 score from his mother.

And out of the many different personalities he is willing to play, one really takes the cake: "A guy who has five months to live (so you can have an excuse after CNY)"

Stomper Aiden quips, "Nowadays preparing for Chinese New Year is like preparing for war."