Physically superior to your ex-BF, and brainy too: S'pore guy wants you to hire him this CNY

For anyone with nosy older relatives, Chinese New Year can be a perilous time when often, personal and embarrassing questions about your marital status are raised. 

Well, if you are a female looking for a ‘prince charming’ to save you, here is a solution -- your very own boyfriend-for-hire, 26-year-old Singaporean Ong.

Ong has put himself up for hire as a boyfriend on his Facebook page, with an impressive resume to boot. 

Not only is he an illustrious linguist who will be able to converse and charm your aunties, he is also a fine specimen, ‘superior to your ex-boyfriend’, at least according to him. 

He even comes with four default personas that he is confident of pulling off, so you can always customise your dream boyfriend to your needs. 

So ladies, will you be looking for him this season?