100% authentic Korean lady puts herself up for rent this CNY

Ever dreamt of bringing home a girlfriend who can dance and sing like a Kpop idol? It might not be that far off a dream, as a Korean lady is offering 'girlfriend rental' services this Chinese New Year in the wake of two ‘rent-a-boyfriend’ advertisements.

According to the Facebook post put up by the lady, Kim, she is offering her services at $88.80 per day and $1888.80 for the whole festive period, which is 80 cents higher than the prices quoted by 21-year-old Tan.

Kim is “100% Korean” and is 158cm tall, a trait that she says can be boosted by wearing heels. She describes herself as “well-proportioned, (with) legs for days” and “skinny due to weight loss caused by stressful uni life.”

Kim’s talents include being multilingual - she is able to converse in Korean, English and Chinese, and can offer dialect services with “7 days prior notice and at extra cost” - and being able to play mahjong and entertain “Kpop or Kdrama crazy aunties and cousins”.

She is a certified nurse, and confidently guarantees that she can perform insulin injections and that “your ah gong ah ma will confirm love me.”

While she cannot eat vegetables besides kimchi, the sheer number of personalities Kim is willing to adopt is astounding.

With “Oscar-winning acting skills” that will deceive all your relatives, Kim can be a "Goblin Wife", a Kpop idol, a billionaire's daughter, or a leukemia patient with only two months left to live.

Doesn’t she sound like she really did walk out of your favourite Korean drama?

But here’s the fine print that she’s included at the very top of her post -- she’s only kidding about the rental service.

What a bummer! Better luck next time, guys.