Driver throws litter out of car and spits onto road at Serangoon

Submitted by Stomper Cindy

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A driver was caught on video throwing litter out of his car window before spitting onto the road while waiting at a red traffic light in Serangoon on Dec 17.

Stomper Cindy shared with Stomp footage of the incident that was captured on her in-car camera at about 9.18am.

"I was driving in Serangoon along the highway when I saw this inconsiderate uncle littering at first and then spitting after that," said Cindy.

"Hello, uncle can you just use a tissue paper instead?"

This is not the first time Stomp has reported on drivers caught tossing rubbish out of their vehicles.

Earlier this month, another driver was seen tossing rubbish out of his car while waiting at an Upper Serangoon Road junction.


In August, Stomp reported on a man who was caught on camera throwing a soiled diaper from his vehicle onto another car at Tampines Mall.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said in September that it will be taking enforcement action against the man for a littering offence.