Customer wowed by GrabFood deliveryman whose small gesture meant the world to her

Submitted by Stomper Brown Cat

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Often, it's the smallest gestures that mean the most.

A GrabFood deliveryman left such a positive impression on Stomper Brown Cat with a simple greeting that she decided to share the incident with Stomp.

The amiable deliveryman had delivered Brown Cat's food order to her Woodlands home on Saturday (May 23), at around 6.50pm.

Brown Cat said: "He delivered my food and took the effort to wish me Selamat Hari Raya. He was all smiley as well as sweet and kind.

"Most people will just leave the food and go, plus this doesn't really happen a lot. So when this guy made the effort to wish me, I was like, wow.

"I mean, it's nothing major. But it's the thought that counts.

"It may not be a big deal, but I do have to say kudos to you and keep up the positive spirit!"

Kudos to Brown Cat for taking the time to commend her deliveryman and sharing the joy instead of doing... well, this.