Woman tears BF apart for sending desserts, slams food delivery services and says cash gift is better

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The extended circuit breaker in Singapore has resulted in many friends and couples being unable to meet in person.

Nevertheless, people have found alternatives such as communicating via video chat and sending one another food via delivery services as a perk-me-up.

Most of us would probably be touched to receive a surprise delivery from our loved ones.

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Stomper Tan was appalled to see a girl scolding her boyfriend via text for sending her desserts despite knowing that she was avoiding sugar in her diet.

The girl had posted screenshots of their conversation on Instagram Stories and also ranted about food delivery services.

Tan said: "I was browsing Instagram on Saturday evening (May 16) and saw this unappreciative girlfriend. She was raging on Instagram because her boyfriend surprised her with sweet food.

"After that, she asked the boyfriend to transfer her cash instead?!?!??!"

In screenshots that Tan shared with Stomp, the girl can be seen saying not to send her sweet food as she was sick of it.

"Just give me cash," she told her boyfriend, while also acknowledging that "maybe I'm unappreciative" in a caption.

In another screenshot, the girl appears to be upset with her boyfriend for buying "overpriced cake and yoghurt" on top of paying for delivery.

She complained that there was no cutlery for the meal so she would have to wash her own utensils, despite paying so much and not enjoying "any service".

The girl also expressed her disapproval of food delivery services and claimed that "all it does is make people lazy and poorer and less healthy from the lack of movement."

"No wonder obesity is an issue," she wrote.

She then said not to buy something if you do not know what the other party likes, as this only shows how little you know about them.

Even though her boyfriend apologised and said he just wanted her to have a nice tea break, the girl did not seem appeased.

Instead, she replied that she has told him "a million times" about her no-sugar intake and asked, "What's your problem?"

She added: "I don't see it as a sweet gesture. I see this delivery as an insult. Meaning you haven't listened to a god damn word I said."

The girl then went on to say that cash would have made a better and more convenient gift.

It is unclear whether her boyfriend was the one who transferred her $50.

Do you think the girl has a right to be upset for not feeling listened to and at her boyfriend for not understanding her preferences? Or should she have shown for courtesy or appreciation nevertheless? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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