Deliveroo rider gets food, drinks and $3 tip despite spilling customer's drinks

Submitted by Stomper Peter Yeo

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Deliveroo rider Peter Yeo is grateful to a customer who not only gave him food and drinks but a $3 tip despite him spilling some soft drinks she had ordered on Tuesday (May 12).

Peter was making a delivery from KFC to Block 16 Ghim Moh Road when the drinks spilt on the journey.

"I felt so bad for spilling her drinks," he said.

"The lady was actually waiting for my food delivery for her family to break their fast.

"However, this kind soul, knowing that I was delivering two orders, told me not to rush and to be safe.

"She even gave me food and a $3 tip.

"I offered to go to a mini-mart to get her replacement drinks but she told me it was ok and asked me not to worry about it."

"I would like to thank her again for her kind understanding and generosity."

Peter also has some suggestions to restaurants and Deliveroo to prevent similar incidents from happening to others.

"I would like to highlight to food merchants to opt for canned drinks instead of cups, which is safer for cyclists and bikers," he said.

"If we hang the drinks on the handlebar, it would be hard for us to control in case of an emergency.

"A feedback to Deliveroo is to provide insulation bags that has side pockets for drinks so that riders can be safe when manoeuvring their bicycles or motorbikes when assigned stacked orders."