Deliveryman endures long wait for food and scolding from customer, but 'angel' turns his day around

Submitted by Stomper Dave

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A food deliveryman had been having a dreadful time at work until a customer warmed his heart with kindness.

Stomper Dave said he was left soaked from the rain on top of enduring long wait times to pick up food orders on Sunday night (May 11).

The tip of the iceberg was when a customer texted to scold him for the delay.

In a contribution titled 'Demon versus Angel', Dave recounted: "It was a rainy Sunday. Although I had an umbrella, my socks and shoes were wet.

"Imagine waiting 40 minutes for food collection in MacPherson. I also paid for the parking fee out of my own pocket.

"While waiting, I updated the customer that his order would be late.

"He sent a threatening message about how he would cancel the order if he did not receive it in 30 minutes. It became a voice call where he shouted over the phone like crazy."

The Stomper admitted that his heart was "so bitter beyond description" in that moment. Fortunately, things started to look up the following day.

Dave shared: "The next morning, I really didn't feel like working, but to support my family and my aging parents, I bit down on my teeth and continued.

"Thank god for my second delivery that day. It was a lovely couple who blessed me with some cakes that the wife had baked.

"Not only were the cakes still warm, my heart melted. I told myself that angels do exist."