RedMart deliveryman warmed by kindness on rainy day: 'It's worth it for such customers'

Submitted by Stomper Shehzad

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Despite the bouts of thunderstorms in Singapore recently, the kindness that Stomper Shehzad has been experiencing on the job keeps him full of warmth.

The Stomper, a RedMart deliveryman, said he was out at work as usual on Monday (May 4) when he came across a note while fulfilling an order.

The note, addressed to "RedMart frontend heroes", was accompanied by a carrier bag containing gifts and necessities.

Shehzad recounted: "It was raining heavily and I was trying to catch up with the delivery time slots. But I couldn't care less about the rain or getting drenched because it's worth it for such customers.

"This customer is so kind and I am really happy have people like her. Things are hard now for everyone but customers like her make all the difference in our lives.

"To the customer, thank you so much. I don't know how to reach you to say how thankful I am."

Shehzad said that he has been getting lots of "love and care" from customers despite the Covid-19 situation.

He added: "I feel happy that people appreciate our effort.

"Different customers have given me red packets but I have no heart to spend them as they are so special to me."