Audi couple and teen cyclist assisting police with investigations after heated road dispute at Pasir Ris

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The Audi couple have shared their side of the story. Read the full story here.

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A couple and a 15-year-old cyclist are assisting police with investigations into a case of voluntarily causing hurt after they were involved in a heated dispute at Pasir Ris Drive 3 on Thursday evening (Feb 28).

The couple, who are in their 60s, were caught on video repeatedly trying to grab the teenager's phone out of his hands after the cyclist had allegedly hit the Audi the 60-year-old woman was driving.

In response to a Stomp media query, the police said they were alerted to an accident between a car and a bicycle along Pasir Ris Drive 3 towards Loyang Avenue at 7.20pm.

"The driver, a 60-year-old woman, the passenger of the car, a 66-year-old man, and the cyclist, a 15-year-old male teenager are currently assisting with police investigations into a case of voluntarily causing hurt," a spokesman said.

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to a video of the incident that was posted on SG Road Vigilante's Facebook group page on Friday night.

According to the post, the cyclist started recording the video of the confrontation after he accidentally hit the back of the Audi A6.

He explained he was trying to overtake another cyclist on the road and alleged that the driver of the Audi suddenly jammed on the brakes, causing him to be unable to stop in time and hit the back of the car with his hand.

In the video, the woman accuses the cyclist of not stopping after hitting their car but the cyclist argues the light was green at the time and that if he stopped, the car behind would have "rammed" into him.

(Story continues after video)

"You don't need to talk so much," the woman says.

"You are in the wrong already for not stopping your bicycle."

They threaten to report the teen to the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

They then argue over whether there are scratches on the car. The cyclist says there is no damage while the couple insists that there is.

The footage is not clear enough to establish if there are indeed any scratches on the Audi.

The woman then demands the cyclist give her his identity card and shouts, "Give me your IC lah!" while grabbing at his phone and struggling with him.

The man is heard in the background saying: "You want to fight ah? You want to fight is it?"

The woman proceeds to go after the cyclist and keeps reaching for his phone and knocking away his hand.

They stop when a passerby shouts at them: "You cannot do this!"

She insists they explain whatever issue they have to the police instead and adds: "The moment you fight him you are in the wrong."

When the cyclist tells the woman she hit him first so she is in the wrong, she swings her arm at him again.

The cyclist then threatens, "I left foot you ah!"

The woman replies, "You say that again?"

The couple then tells the cyclist not to go anywhere while they call for the police.

The teenager agrees that it is the right thing to do.

The man continues to try to grab the cyclist's phone out of his hand before the video ends.

Netizens are divided on who is in the wrong.

Many sympathised with the owners of the Audi and said the cyclist should have owned up to hitting the car:

Some admonished the woman for asking for the cyclist's IC:

While others could not decide who was more annoying: