Woman demands compensation from MRT commuter during dispute, tells "false witness" to shut up

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A woman went on a tirade against other train commuters on the Downtown Line on Thursday evening (Feb 21), after someone accidentally dropped a mobile phone on her leg.

The incident occurred at around 6.50pm, when the train was heading towards Bukit Panjang.

A Stomper, who witnessed the incident, said the dispute started when a female commuter dropped her handphone on the woman's leg by accident.

"She became furious and asked for compensation," said the Stomper.

In a video taken by the Stomper, the woman can be seen trying to grab at the female commuter and saying: "Give me your ID."

Despite being repeatedly told by the female commuter that it was an accident and "you are not supposed to snatch people's things", the woman continued her rant.

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She can be heard saying to both the female commuter and a third party who tried to intervene:

  • "If I have medical expenses, you pay for my medical bill ok?"

  • [To the third party] "And you shut up leh, you not even involved there, what witness are you? False witness ah?"

  • "That day in Serangoon MRT, a woman hit me until my leg was bandaged for three months, I have $500 bill, you know?"

  • "Now I don't care. You give me your ID and you pay for my medical expenses ok?"

  • "Your handphone hit me and I don't raise my voice ah?"

  • "You use your handphone hit her leg. [To the third party] Remove your shoes, hit on your leg, I see how you react."

  • "Even if it's an accident on the road ah, a car hit accidentally, also have to pay insurance."

  • "My leg is suddenly pain down there, you know?"

  • [To the third party] "And you get up immediately there and shut up there ah you."

A subsequent video shows the woman, now seated, still on her rant, even though the female commuter and third party had already left the train.

As the train approaches Hillview MRT station, the woman can be heard saying that "this is the third time already I have this nonsense" and "you think I don't dare to bring up to higher authorities ah?"