Man scolds foreign worker for resting at void deck of Jalan Tenaga block

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A man was caught on video scolding a migrant worker who was resting at the void deck of an HDB block in Kaki Bukit during his work break.

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to a video posted by Facebook user Joey Chin on Wednesday afternoon (Feb 19).

Joey said that he witnessed the incident while he was eating his packed lunch at the Jalan Tenaga block's void deck.

In the video, the older man is heard telling the worker, "Nobody knows who the f**k are you okay?"

(Story continues after video)

He then tells him to go to the lift lobby to look at a police notice.

"I don't call police, you're lucky already," he says.

He then starts talking about how he knows Singapore law and that he's only answering the other man's questions.

However, the worker tries to rebut and tells him he never asked him anything.

From the video itself, it is unclear why the man was scolding the worker.

However, Joey said before he started recording, the worker had been lying on the ground to take an afternoon nap after finishing his lunch.

Joey added the worker was not blocking anyone's passage.

The uncle apparently confronted the worker after walking by and seeing him lying on the floor.

According to Joey, the older man was unhappy that the worker was sleeping there and allegedly told him: "You are not allowed to sleep here! This is my house! Here is not for sleeping! What are you doing here?!"

Joey said he was disgusted by the man's behaviour and stopped recording to confront him.

He shared the man was "taken aback" that Joey had not taken his side and left after being unable to "rebut my words, warning and scolding".

At the end of his post, he wrote: "If you disagree with the actions of the man, SHARE it! 

"Not to shame him, but to put across the message that at any circumstances when you see foreign workers lying around to rest, no one should act as if they have authority and start confronting & shouting at them! 

"What a SHAMEFUL behaviour!"

Since the video was posted, it has garnered over 331,000 views.

Netizens have shared Joey's sentiments and slammed the uncle for being intolerant.