Another stupid act caught on Instagram: Cyclist with death wish stops in middle of the road

Submitted by Stomper Fyan

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The incredulous act of a cyclist remaining stationary in the middle of the road, with cars passing by him, was posted on Instagram on Dec 25.

Stomper Fyan alerted us to the video posted on Instagram page @denizensofsingapore which had garnered 2,811 views.

The page has been removed as of yesterday night (Dec 26).

The video shows the cyclist with cars whizzing past him.

A youth filming the video can be heard shouting "wan die oh" in the background.

Another person in the background can be heard exclaiming: "In the middle of the road ah".

They holler at the cyclist, but he does not seem to respond.

The cyclist, in a blue t-shirt, does not move as vehicles travel past him at high speeds.

Stomp has previously covered many reports of reckless activities which have been posted on Instagram like youths throwing items out off windows and a group of friends setting a trolley on fire.