Friends film youth burning supermarket trolley: "Your birthday got firework"

Submitted by Stomper Judy

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A group of youths were seen on camera setting fire to a supermarket trolley at a gathering.

Stomper Judy saw the videos that were posted on Instagram as a series of Instagram Stories. She compiled them and shared them with Stomp.

It is unclear where or when this happened.

In the video, the group of friends appear to be having a barbecue when some of them decide it is a good idea to set the trolley on fire.

(Story continues after video)

They set the lock on fire and flames are seen dropping to the ground as the plastic melts.

The video has the caption "ur bday got firework" on it implying it was a celebratory gesture.

"These young punks burnt a trolley and claimed that it is their "fireworks"," said Judy.

"They were proud to even post this on social media."