Youth sends foldable chair spinning out of cruise ship -- along with his IQ

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In yet another story about reckless youths posting their adolescent fun on social media, a video of a boy throwing a portable chair out a window was posted on Instagram on Dec 11.

Several Stompers alerted us to the video posted on Instagram page @netizensofsingapore, which features many videos of similar incidents involving youths.

A Stomper said: "I am disappointed in the society today because many of the youths are doing this to gain popularity. They may also be influenced to carry out reckless acts after watching other videos.

"One solution could be to take down pages which help spread these videos."

According to the caption in the video, the boys are believed to be on a cruise ship. It said: "YP on a cruise ship".

YP is a Singaporean slang which stands for Young Punk.

The video starts with a boy in glasses holding a yellow portable chair.

He says theatrically in an Indian accent: "Today we all say goodbye to the chair."

Another boy in the background can be heard exclaiming: "I want the chair! The chair very nice! It's a nice portable chair."

The boy holding the chair continues: "Five dollar chair ok? Whatever, portable chair."

He exclaims and throws the chair into the open air, sending it spinning rather comically before landing.

The other boys in the room exclaim in amusement.

A faint splash can be heard in the background of the video.

Many Instagram users took to the comment section to criticise the youth's action.

Instagram user @youfeeltheholoqholoq said: "They also throw their IQ to the sea ah?"

Another user, @perryleezz said: "Confirm kena Stomp."

Well, he was not wrong.