Andy Lau 'in good condition' in hospital, says HK singer Sammi Cheng

Feb 4, 2017

Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng visited an injured Andy Lau in hospital on Feb 2, reported Asian E-News Portal, and left after an hour. 

Upon leaving, she was spotted wearing a mask and carrying a small paper bag. 

When asked about Andy's condition, Sammi said: "Okay! He is good!"

The 55-year-old Hong Kong star was reported to have been thrown off a horse during a filming accident in a town not far from Bangkok, Thailand last month.

Doctors interviewed by Hong Kong media speculated that Lau would have to spend at least four to six weeks recuperating.

Asked if Andy sat up to talk to her, Sammi did not reply directly but repeated that he was doing well.

When asked if she gave red packets to Andy's daughter, Sammi simply responded 'yes' before boarding the car.