Andy Lau's daughter not allowed to visit him in hospital

Friday, Jan 27, 2017

It's the eve of Chinese New Year but Hong Kong actor Andy Lau will not be having any reunion dinners at home this year.

Instead, Lau, 55, who suffered multiple pelvic fractures when he was thrown off a horse in Thailand, will be spending the holidays in the hospital.

Although his wife, Carol Chu, 50, keeps watch by his side, Apple Daily reported on Jan 27 that the star does not allow his daughter to visit him.

Not only is he afraid that she might catch a bug at the hospital, he is also worried that she might become upset and cry if she sees that he is unwell.

There is good news, however. Lau's condition is said to be improving, and according to China Star Entertainment chairman Charles Heung, he can now sit up for short periods of time.

After paying him a visit, Heung and his wife told reporters that they believed Lau would make a full recovery.

But as the recovery process will be slow, Lau is expected to spend up to eight weeks in hospital.