Why Andy Lau doesn't want his friends or relatives to visit him in hospital despite his serious condition

Andy Lau has been advised by doctors to recuperate for up to 11 months after fracturing his pelvis in multiple places during a shoot gone awry in Thailand. 

The injury may throw a wench into the works, possibly forcing Lau to cancel his 20 year-end concerts which were set to happen at the Hong Kong Coliseum. 

The 55-year-old star could possibly lose at least S$18 million if he backs out the film, commercials and concerts in his schedule. 

Singer Alam Tam, a good friend, visited Lau in Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital on Sunday (Jan 22). 

Tam told reporters:

“He tells me to tell all friends and relatives not to visit him in hospital and let him have a good rest because all the talking, laughing and reacting will trigger off the pain.”

Lau’s management company Topman Global gave an update on his injuries on Monday (Jan 23), citing that the Lau had sustained multiple fractures on his pelvis and also various tendon and muscle strains after getting thrown off a horse during a commercial shoot last Tuesday (Jan 17), reports The Straits Times

In an official statement issued, the company wrote:

“Mr Lau is taking doctor’s advice.

“He needs about six to eight weeks of hospitalisation and six to nine months of rehabilitation and recuperation.”

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