This pair of adorable toddler twins are killin' it with their Halloween costumes

The best part about having kids? You get to dress them up.

And thanks to Distractify, we've found a Mom who loves dressing her kids up.

Kafie Stauffer, mom of five, is particularly dedicated to her kids' Halloween costumes. With your kids' birthdays falling on the same day as Halloween, it's important to dress for the occasion. The pressure is especially high, especially with competition from every other kid on that very day.

 And she has quite the Instagram account, documenting the outfits rocked by her adorable twin daughters.

They've gone through so many outfits in the past month, from Orange is the New Black, to Grease, to Stranger Things, the Kardashians, and so much more!

Don't they just have you wishing for Halloween to never end? Well, fret not because Kafie posts pictures of the dolled up twins -- all year round.

When you have twins, it's like Halloween almost every day huh?

Hmm, they could even channel the Olsen twins when they're slightly older. 

That'll be interesting...