PDA is not a dirty thing but sexual advances should be kept private

Submitted by Stomper Dorine

Stomper Dorine feels that children who grow up seeing their parents being affectionate is good but anything more should be done in private.

This is her entry for October's What Say You topic, 'Making out in public: How far is too far?'

Touching, kissing and hugging are fine as long as there are no groping, thrusting or french kissing. There is nothing wrong with showing affection in front of children-they are smarter then you think.

They will know you only do it with someone special and not just any stranger. Children who grow up seeing their parents being affectionate will most likely become a warm person.

Parents who teach children that all PDA has to be done behind closed doors could result in children who are cold and think that showing affection is dirty.

PDA is not a dirty thing but sexual advances should be keep private! Not everybody like to see you two in action.

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