A tight hug or kiss is acceptable, but locking lips for prolonged period in public is unacceptable

Submitted by Stomper Freddie

Stomper Freddie feels that PDA is alright if done sparingly but the line is drawn at groping and hands wandering into clothes.

This is his entry for October's What Say You topic, 'Making out in public: How far is too far?'

The term PDA basically means Public Display of Affection. Which can be very extreme depending on how individuals perceive it. I believe it has something to do with the family upbringing and exposure to materials like the Internet or movies and television. 

We are in the 21st century. In this quick paced and stressful environment, people need a form of release and excitement, especially teenagers who are going through puberty and have heaps of curiosity. Nowadays, social media is at the fingertips of even primary school students, let alone older students or young adults. PDA is a growing trend in Singapore as people seek the thrill of showing off to public how in love they are with disregard to public eyes. Some also seek the thrill of being caught which will put them in the "adventurous couple" zone. 

Technically, it is their own business to do whatever they deem fit as its consensual. However, over intimate PDA acts should be carried out in somewhere more private- home, where the public has no access or your own property. 

Personally, I feel that if you have the urge to get cosy with your partner, like a tight hug, kiss on the cheek or wrapping your arms around your partners waist, those are acceptable. However, locking lips and kissing for prolonged period in a crowded areas are a little overboard.

People are not necessarily comfortable with it in an enclosed environment especially if the "mood" is right and the couple decides to take it a step further.

To put it simply, the boundary line is no groping, no hands wandering into clothes, pants or skirt etc and definitely no indecent exposure. Onlookers are not invading privacy if a couple decides to carry out their PDA sessions in public. People have eyes and its only human nature for people to look and get curious. That's my view.

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