The Full Wolf Moon shone bright like a diamond in Woodlands while you were asleep

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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Still upset over missing last year's Supermoons? Well, we are positive you would not have missed The Full Wolf Moon shining brightly in our skies at around 8pm yesterday (Jan 12).

In fact, it was a better sight than the Supermoons of 2016 altogether.

And if you did miss this first full moon of 2017, Stomper Kannan has captured beautiful pictures of the moon in the Woodlands evening skies -- which you can check out in the gallery.

Said the Stomper:

"Today's moon actually look like a Supermoon ! Some also call January's moon -- the Old Moon.

"The moon was expected to reach its highest point in our skies at midnight.

So you might be wondering, why the name 'Full Wolf Moon'? According to a report by International Business Times, the name was given by the Native American tribes during colonial times -- due to the constant howling they would often hear from the hungry wolves in winter.

Other names for the January full moon includes 'Moon After Yale','Full Snow Moon', 'Buck Moon', 'Hay Moon', 'Mead Moon' and lastly, 'Thunder Moon'.

According to, a full moon appears in the sky every 29.53 days. The event marks the moment when the Earth, moon and sun are all in line, with Earth in the middle. This alignment causes the lunar near side to appear fully illuminated.