Taiwanese man beats up son with golf club and binds him with handcuffs -- to enforce discipline

A 46-year-old Taiwanese man bashed his 14-year-old son with a golf club, bound him in handcuffs, and even attached a makeshift dog chain -- all to discipline him. 

The incident happened in Yilan County, Taiwan in January 2017.

The victim was held in captivity for two days, before breaking free of the handcuffs and jumping down from a window from the 2nd storey, reports Lianhe Wanbao

He later approached his grandmother for help, and incensed by the man’s actions, scolded his son and filed for a protection order for her grandson. 

In an unexpected turn of events, the man also claimed that his son had beaten him too, and wanted to file for a protection order as well. 

Then accused owns a convenience store in Milan County, Taiwan.

He is currently in his fourth marriage, and has four sons from his previous three marriages. 

The victim was harboured by him and his second ex-wife.