Thai doctors reverse damage to teen's disfigured face after teacher allegedly threw mug at her

Doctors have successfully repaired injuries a 17-year-old girl suffered after her PE teacher allegedly threw a mug at her face.

The mug had hit the left side of the teen's face and she soon started having difficulty closing the left side of her mouth and her left eye.

Her face then appeared twisted.

According to Bangkok Coconuts, Narudee Jodsanthia received free treatment from Yanhee Hospital which specialises in cosmetic surgery.

The doctors prescribed physiotherapy, acupuncture and modern medicine to Narudee.

After five months of treatment, her face returned to normal.

Her teacher reportedly threw the mug at her after she refused to sit on the ground because it was too hot.

The incident gained media attention after the school refused to cover her THB300,000 ($12,000) medical expenses.

Her PE teacher has since denied being charged with aggravated assault claiming that he did not intend to hit her face.

He said that the cup ricocheted off a window and his Narudee.

However, if found guilty, he will face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and/or a fine of THB20,000 ($800).