S'porean guy steals girl's photos and impersonates her on FB -- to fake relationship for 2 years

A Singaporean man who goes by Wen Hong stole photos and created fake social media accounts to impersonate a girl, faking a relationship between the two for more than a year before being called out for the disgusting act -- by none other than his ‘girlfriend’ herself.  

The girl, Chiang further clarified in a Facebook posting that the girl inside Wen Hong’s profile picture wasn’t her and that she did not know about or condone the identity theft and his stealing of her photos:

"The purpose of this post is to let others know Wen Hong was impersonating me as his “girlfriend” for two years.

“Just when I thought it was over, I found out that he also created a fake Twitter and Instagram account of me. 

“Those who have been my friend for a period of time would know that I've never liked using Twitter.

What’s worse, Wen Hong used the fake accounts to post cringeworthy and mushy exchanges.

This went on for two years until Chiang uncovered the deceit when one of her friends informed her about the postings, reports World of Buzz

Infuriated, Chiang took to her own Facebook account to post about the situation.

When Wen Hong saw her posting, he somehow had the nerve to report her account.

Chiang later confronted Wen Hong and asked him the reason for his actions , but the man showed little remorse and gave no proper answer, simply pleading for her to take down the warning post. 

He also gave her his word that he would not do this again.