Man in black boards taxi and flees without paying: Guess where he was picked up from

A man dressed in black T-shirt boarded a taxi at the Yishun MRT Station taxi stand last Monday (Mar 6) at around 10.40pm and alighted at Block 41 Tanglin Halt Road, only to run away without paying his fare.

Fortunately, his facial features were captured by a camera in the taxi. 

Said the 56-year-old taxi driver:

“He originally boarded the cab in front of mine, and the taxi looked ready to move off, but suddenly stopped and the man alighted.

“He boarded my cab after that.”

According to the victim, the man wanted to go to HDB Block 41 at Tanglin Halt Road, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

They reached the destination in about 20 minutes, with the cab meter showing S$24.96.

Just as the cab driver was about to collect the fares from his passenger, the man suddenly shouted, ‘wait!’, opened the door and ran off.

The driver added:

“I wanted to get off the cab and chase after him, but he was running too fast, and there was no one else to watch after my taxi for me.”

Infuriated by the man’s actions, the driver went to lodge a police report the following morning (Mar 7), taking the footage recorded by his camera as evidence.

He also lodged a complaint with the taxi company, hoping to flush out the culprit.

After that he handed over images from the footage to the newspaper.

According to the images, the man is bespectacled and has a slim build.

While some of his fellow cabbies thought that the victim’s action was appropriate and he should make an example of the culprit, others felt that rather than harping on the culprit, he should have just blamed it on his luck and looked for more passengers instead to alleviate his losses.

The police has since confirmed the incident.