Man who allegedly evaded taxi fare becomes 'buay song' after cabby thought he lives in condo -- then has the cheek to turn violent

A man turned aggressive and got physical with a taxi driver after allegedly evading his cab fare.

It is unclear when and where exactly the incident occurred, but a video showing the altercation was uploaded by on Facebook yesterday (Nov 9).

In the video, the customer and cabby can be heard having an argument in Hokkien.

The man asked the driver, "What are you talking about?" to which the latter responded, "I only said you stay in a condo. You became 'buay song' after I mistakenly thought you stayed here, what can I do?"

They then continued exchanging heated words over the same issue.

The man also denied running away and said he would pay the fare of $26.40.

He then accused the cabby of being daring and challenged him to call the police, before suddenly turning extremely aggressive.

The dispute escalated with the man hurling vulgarities and appearing to throw a punch at the taxi driver.

Many netizens have slammed the man, with some calling for him to be arrested.

Watch the video below.